Student founders need to have the right relationships, resources, and networking to have that unfair advantage early on. We believe that shouldn’t be the filter to decide who gets to build the future. We want to support all those dreamers and doers with insane conviction when others think it’s too early.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Student entrepreneurs/ in college/dropouts/graduates in the last 3 years towards action and solving any relevant problem that is important for today’s India and the world.

We look for founders who have a bias towards action and unique insights into a market and the problem. Bold, Contrarian, passionate, and committed to building a startup

Startup Launchpad works with student startups on initial customer acquisition and validation. Often at the pre-seed stage and seed stage startups the earlier, the better!

We know how busy founders are, and we try to be respectful of their time. For this reason, we avoid asking for agenda-less “office hours” and instead focus our time on specific requests. We see ourselves as an extended co-founders team, ready to support when needed.

    We’re most helpful with:

  1. Finding your co-founder(s) and building a team
  2. Helping to acquire users.
  3. Improving your operations.
  4. Connecting with investors.
  5. Improvising your fundraising narrative.

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